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Ali Lenin Aguilera Marciales

Ali Lenin Aguilera Marciales (born 1967) is a venezuelan entrepreneur, lawyer and philanthropist. A notable financier who dominate corporate finance and private investment. From 1995-1997, Aguilera worked as a lawyer (human rights)[1], and simultaneously in that year, in order to gain experience in government service, he became Private Secretary of Aragua State[2].

Ali Lenin Aguilera Marciales was an external consultant for the Finance Commission of the Congress (Venezuela) during 1997 to 1998[3] . Such Congress was dissolved eight months later by the current President of the country, Hugo Chávez, according to the official gazette 36.859.[4]

In 1999, he worked for his country and contributed to improve democratic institutions as an Independent Representative, House of Representative[5], it was one of the two chambers of the dissolved Venezuela Congress. He was the youngest Venezuelan Representatives.

Born in Maturín, Edo. Monagas, in May of 1967. The first born of a young professional family. The oldest of three, son of Ali Aguilera – lawyer, historian and academician- and Gloria Willerma Marciales Vera de Aguilera, nutritionist. His mother side grandfather was a prosperous coffee landowner from Táchira State. His mother linage is part of the first and most important coffee landowner families that founded Venezuela as well as the early founders and developers of the country through their involvement in the construction of the Táchira and Trujillo States trains.[6]

Alí Lenin Aguilera Marciales received an excellent education. At early age, he was already member of the Merchant Marines Officials College (Marina Mercante). He obtained his law degree in 1993 from Universidad Santa Maria Law School (USM) and he has been working and harvesting experience on this field for more than 12 years (focused in international law and human rights). He has combined his professional vocation with his endless quest for excellence. He graduated with honors at the prestigious University of Miami where he studied his MBA on Business Administration and another on Management Sciences (MMS) in 2002 and 2004 respectively. He is currently taking Doctorate Studies.

At early age he started to work at the barge of his family, learning the manage and administration of his grandfather’s business -a Spanish immigrant who during the 50s had one of the most important fuel distributors, and a construction and services company for the Petroleum Industry.[7]

Alí had strong humanistic and altruistic inclinations [8] , which were firmly influenced by his father. By nature, young Alí showed important interest towards law, legislations and the state; with only 11 years he was president of the Bolivarian Society, president of environment group and his notable participation in essay contests. His passion and tendencies are expressed in his two books “State and Democracy” published in 1997 and his Poem book “Four Seasons Dream “ published in 1998.

He is an active member of Venezuela International Amnesty (International Amnesty), American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)[9] , International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA)[10], and the International Lawyers Association (ILA)[11]
His social labor is well-known by his friends and the people who have benefited from it. Aguilera’s modesty gives a private touch to what is actually authentic social labor. Mr. Aguilera has satisfactorily managed his field of expertise (law) and he has successfully achieved the consolidation of corporate finances and private investments, as well as advise for public and private sectors, nationally and internationally in (Latin America, Europe and United States). His business strategy as well as his view, have labeled him as one of the most successful young entrepreneur in Latin America.

His firm belief in democratic institutions has inspired his external consultancy in the public sector of several Latin-American countries as well as Venezuela. It is demonstrated by the vast amount of offers he has had during the last five years, to work in the public, and which he has had to turn down to attend his studies abroad; more specifically, his Ph.D., as well as his commitments as consultant for several firms.


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